Trading with Median lines is a system and a leading indicator suitable for Swing trading.I am following this strategy for Nifty and Bank Nifty with good results.Those interested to trade with Charts and Price action to analyse target price, support and resistance levels will find this strategy very interesting.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011



30 min chart 19.1.11

Price met resistance at the sliding parallel line drawn on yesterdays chart.Moved down below 5 ema / 20 ema and near 50 sma poised for crossover. Drawn a white ML from P4 with swing pivots P5 and P6 ( todays high) This being a high probability setup , test of the UML will be a good entry point for short position.

Levels for shorting are at 5710 - 5730 levels.

Targets will be previous Swing Low - P5 - 5622
Next target will be Price meeting of Median line .Projecting equal price and time projection of previous parallel swing towards the White median line gives target projections of 5530 levels.Further below meeting of Sliding parallel line will give 5500 levels.
This corresponds with the levels projected with Median lines in the Daily chart earlier.


  1. Hi Kavima

    I have also taken "Put' to-day. Let us see.



  2. Hi Kavima,

    When nifty reversed from 5635, I draw a pitchfork and it pierced through the new ML at 5714 in 30 minutes chart. Thanks for the education. I do not know how to attach the picture here. Otherwise I would have attached. Earlier I closed my "Put" for mere Rs.10 profit.



  3. I closed my shorts towards end of session only.As I had accumulated short at lower levels in addition to one at 5800 levels had to book a small loss.A typical whipsaw trade!